Top 10 dirty dances in INdian Movies Ever...

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Be it 1950s or 2011, item songs have always been seen as the X-Factor of Hindi Movies. Well, what makes the hip-shackers a guaranteed success at the Box Office...??? No matter how much butter item girls add, it’s the music that is the hing of a particular number. Back in 1960s Helen’s name on film posters used to be magnified and got more space than the heroine’s. And a dance number by Bindu or Aruna Irani was like an insurance policy for the film’s success.
Talking about item numbers, how can we forget the ‘Hottie ready to go Naughty’ attitude of item girls!
Remember Nadira looking into Raj Kapoor’s eyes and singing "Mudh Mudh Ke Na Dekh" in Shree 420, or Helen stripping off her red gown and running to her on-screen lover in Piya Tu (Caravan), or a Bindu flaunting her yellow feathery attire before Ajit and Amitabh Bachchan and swaying to Dil Jalon Ka in Zanjeer?  While Nadira was a seductress, Helen was effortless she was a born item girl. She had class and hence even her skimpy costumes never looked vulgar on-screen…but there was oodles of sex appeal for sure.

Well, Here are Top 10 dirty dances in Bollywood Ever...

Dirty Dances in Hindi Movies


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