'Uthama Puthiran' a flash back

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In 1958 the movie' Uthama Puthiran' was produced by the Venus pictures, with Sridhar as the scrip writer and  G. Ramanathan as music director. Sivaji Ganeshan played a dual role as brothers  ,one turned in to a  villain  by  M.N.Nambiar , his uncle and the other a man of virtues  brought up by his mother  Kannamba.The lyrics for songs was  written by K.S. Gopalakrishnan who later churned out excellent movies like Karpagam ,Pesum Deivam etc. When Venus pictures came out with an advertisement of their movie in a leading newspaper with Shivaji in the leading role, the same day MGR announced a movie with the same title in the same paper .


 But then  Venus pictures not  wanting  to make an issue out of it   went ahead with the shooting , as the script was ready and released it on the  date announced. But MGR could not do so .  So  he changed the the title of the movie in   to' Nadodi Mannan'  and released it later which also turned in to a huge  success.


Sridhar who later came out with his own Chitralaya productions with great hits like Kalyana Parisu , Then Nilavu etc had loads of talent which is  visible in the movie right from the beginning .Padmini the danseuse lent her charm with graceful dance numbers while G. Ramanathan  gave  hit songs based on carnatic raagas  .Songs like like Mullai malar mele, .Anbe Amuthe,  Kathiruppan Kamala Kannan,  Unnazhakai kanniyargal kandathinale  etc.. were immortal pieces.  The  fusion song  with a blend of carnatic and  western music Yaradee Nee mohini  can beat  the so called   fusion piece of the present times  hands down. The bollywood  sizzler Helen dances to Shivaji's beats where the graceful movements  of the dancers blends beautifully with the song    turning the enitre sequence   a scene stealer.  The singers took  great  efforts to bring out the charm of a  song and it is doubtful whether any  singer of the present calibre  can bring out the beauty of the  the song  as  P. Sushheela and others did.

Yarade nee mohini


Vishnu Karthik / / 6 yrs ago
Vishnu Karthik

nice review....you can watch the full movie here


geethamanian / / 6 yrs ago

thank you for visitng my blog on' uthamaputhiran.' yes the songs are absolutely captivating, based on pure classical ragas.the best part of the dance sequence' yaradee nee moginee' is that we get to see the sizzling cabaret dancer helen dancing with absolute graceful movements.wonderful choreography. a must see movie for its lovely songs .dance sequences and great acting by the talented artist sivaji ganeshan.

sivaram56 / / 6 yrs ago

after reading your review i want to see the movie again.
the video clip is fascinating! what variations within this song and i cant believe it !

awesome flashback !i have listened to few songs of g ramanathan but all the songs of uttaman puthiran are gems .shivaji looks great and padmini and shivaji  made a great pair.



geethamanian / / 6 yrs ago

hi revathi,

this song sequence is one of the best, where the hard work of every artist speaks volumes .

geetha manian.

Revathi Seshadri / / 6 yrs ago
Revathi Seshadri

thanks for making me relive old memories.  it is really  a foot-tapping piece and i remember a tv interview of sivaji and kamala hasan where the latter paid a glowing tribute to the senior actor over this dance.
revathi seshadri.

geethamanian / / 6 yrs ago

dear sampath,

yes . great songs and great movies.

geetha manian

DSampath / / 6 yrs ago

dear geetrhamanian, you brought 
old memories..
yaradee nee mohini,
great song for that time and age...

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