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Vengamamba (2009)
Cast : Meena, Sai Kiran
Music : M M Keeravani
Director : Uday Bhaskar
Producer : V. Doraswamy Raju

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01 - Srimath Payonidhi (Slokam) RS | MF

02 - Thirukonda Harathi RS | MF

03 - Saptha Gireesuni RS | MF

04 - Ambaa RS | MF

05 - Chaaladaa Harinama (Annamayya Kruthi) RS | MF

06 - Ramudu Raghavudu (Annamayya Kruthi) RS | MF

07 - Konda Vela RS | MF

08 - Alaghu Nabhambu RS | MF

09 - Tarajuvvanuraa RS | MF

10 - Sri Rukmini Lola RS | MF

11 - Sri Raghu Rama RS | MF

12 - Anni Manthramulu RS | MF

13 - Srungararayani RS | MF

14 - Srikaramugaanu RS | MF

15 - Yela Neeku Buddhiledu RS | MF

16 - Mohana Venkat RS | MF

17 - O Thalli Ganga RS | MF

18 - Mamulu Manishi RS | MF

19 - Ada Ennada RS | MF

20 - Hari.. Alisithi RS | MF

21 - Muthyala Harathi RS | MF

Monsoon Romance Short Story Contest

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The Sweet Symphony of falling rain
 The Sweet Symphony of falling rainBySwayamprava“The International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) Piracy Reporting Centre reports of two pirate attacks on Monday on two merchant vessels
19 hrs ago
 In this journey called life, we meet several hundred people on the way. Of the several hundred that we meet, a few with their special attributes and personality leave an indelible mark on our
20 hrs ago
Shivam Bansal
My Monsoon story
 My girlfriend and I were out shopping one day when it started raining. We decided to seek refuge in a bookstore nearby, and while getting inside, I had an idea. I found a large comfortable chair
22 hrs ago
 I paced around the house for what seemed like the hundredth time. Movement has always helped me, especially when I''m tense or uncomfortable about something. I paced when I was preparing for
1 day ago
Magic of Monsoon
 He stared out of the window and his eyes found no reason to brighten up. The uniform sheet of dark grey monsoon clouds was reverberating with thunder and bolts of lightning. There was no way that
1 day ago
When I met you thrice....
 It was a hot, sun-bleached morning in late August, the month of monsoons and sultry rain. But the rains had been delayed by more than two months. The newspapers in the big cities of Bombay,
1 day ago
Down the rainy lane (Short Story)
 Rita looked out from her office window, located in the fifth floor of a gigantic multi-storeyed building in a vast business park. Everything looked small, the road, the vehicles and the people,
1 day ago
Srikanth Shara
Love is in the Air!
 Mom was my first and only Love Guru, she often used to elucidate what women want from men and urged me to treat my girl like a star.3 years of undergraduate studies never got me hooked to anyone
1 day ago
Gum Boots
 Every single day she was there at the same bus stop. The same time. Except Sundays. Those Gum Boots. I knew she was there by just looking at those tan colored gum boots. She had a black mole on
1 day ago
Story of Love
  A STORY OF LOVE- BALAJEE VISWANATHAT lunch next day there were very nice chettinaad cuisine and while we were eating ,Manoj, the cook, came up to ask what the visitors would like for dinner.
1 day ago