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Vengamamba (2009)
Cast : Meena, Sai Kiran
Music : M M Keeravani
Director : Uday Bhaskar
Producer : V. Doraswamy Raju

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01 - Srimath Payonidhi (Slokam) RS | MF

02 - Thirukonda Harathi RS | MF

03 - Saptha Gireesuni RS | MF

04 - Ambaa RS | MF

05 - Chaaladaa Harinama (Annamayya Kruthi) RS | MF

06 - Ramudu Raghavudu (Annamayya Kruthi) RS | MF

07 - Konda Vela RS | MF

08 - Alaghu Nabhambu RS | MF

09 - Tarajuvvanuraa RS | MF

10 - Sri Rukmini Lola RS | MF

11 - Sri Raghu Rama RS | MF

12 - Anni Manthramulu RS | MF

13 - Srungararayani RS | MF

14 - Srikaramugaanu RS | MF

15 - Yela Neeku Buddhiledu RS | MF

16 - Mohana Venkat RS | MF

17 - O Thalli Ganga RS | MF

18 - Mamulu Manishi RS | MF

19 - Ada Ennada RS | MF

20 - Hari.. Alisithi RS | MF

21 - Muthyala Harathi RS | MF

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