Vijay TV presents “Namma Veetu Kalyanam”

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Always unique in coming up with new shows, Vijay TV adds one more feather to its cap by launching “Namma Veetu Kalyanam”, a show that will showcase the wedding celebration of celebrities.
Reports on celebrities interest the viewers to a great extent. Not to leave celebrity weddings! Celebrity weddings take the lead story and become news as it always holds the interest of thousand viewers.
Wedding ceremonies of couples like, Surya-Jyothika, Ajith-Shalini, Dhanush-Aishwarya Rajnikanth, Jeeva-Supriya, Sibiraj-Revathi remains evergreen amongst the viewers and the fans crave to get a glimpse of the wedding celebration. The colour of the wedding sari, the cost of the wedding jewelry, the gifts the couple receive, the glitz and glamour in which the ceremony takes place, the wedding visitors all these are the major attraction in any celebrity wedding.
Vijay TV now invites its viewers to watch the wedding ceremony of their favorite and most watched celebrities with its new show titled “Namma Vettu Kalynam” – a sneak peak into one of the most important day of any celebrity.
“Marriages are made in heaven” - Marriage is an institution that can bring together people from different culture, custom and tradition.
The show will feature all the rituals performed during the wedding celebration. It will showcase the ceremonies and specific custom followed and performed during the wedding, the visitors and celebrities who came to bless the couple, the ritual practices that took place during the wedding celebration.
The celebrities will also share stories on their wedding – the special gifts exchanged by each other, the tensions they had before the ceremony, some goof-ups during the celebration and what they did to overcome it in the last moment.
They will speak to the viewers about what marriage means to them; how life has changed after marriage and what they consider as the most beautiful moment with their loved ones.
The couples’ friends and family, those who have blessed them and have been with the couple during all times, will reveal some interesting and secret fact about the couple.
Every marriage is a memorable history on its own. Celebrity couples - S.Ve.Sekar, Cricketer Sadagopan Ramesh, Music Director Iman, Lyricist Pa.Vijay, TV artist Yugendaran and many more celebrity couples like Poornima - Bagyaraj, Actors Manoj, Arun Vijay, Narein will take a trip down the memory on their wedding and life together with their beloved.
Do not miss to attend the weddings of your favorite stars in Vijay TV’s “Namma Veetu Kalyanam” from Saturday, December 06, 2008 at 7:30pm on Vijay TV.

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