Visualizing Nityananda, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Zipruanna, Akkalkot Swami, Hari Giri Baba, and Rang Avadhoot

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This poem tells the story of how, in 1987, my imagining the presence of various saints led to our experiencing their presence. Incidentally, a few hours after I wrote this poem, a student of mine (my students are older people) gave me a bracelet which each had pictures of Catholic saints. It was Rakhi Day. It took this to mean that the saints are still with us.



Saints In Our Room, a computer drawing by Harry Kottler



Visualizing Nityananda, 

Sai Baba of Shirdi, Zipruanna, 

Akkalkot Swami, Hari Giri Baba, 

and Rang Avadhoot



by Harry Kottler


In March of '87, the ashram in Santa Monica closed;

The lease was up, and the building was being torn down.

We moved for two months into a house in Burbank,

But our finances were not sound.


One night, we both began to worry

About what the future might bring,

And as we lay upon our beds

My thoughts began to swing


Toward memories of the many saints

Who we, through pictures and stories, had known,

And I began to say aloud,

"Bhagawan Nityananda has entered the room.


He is standing right beside us,

And Zipruanna has also arrived.

Now here comes Hari Giri Baba,

And I can see Sai Baba of Shirdi with my inner eye.


They are standing all around us.

Now here comes Akkalkot Swami.

His arms are long,

He looks so strong,

But his presence is so calming.


Look, there's Rang Avadhoot of Nasik.

He is giving us his grace."

And it was true.

They all did, too.

Their light embraced our space.


The room was filled with energy.

The room was filled with light.

All fear was gone.

Our hearts were strong.

The room was fully bright.


The saints are always with us.

All we have to do is call.

Our problems cannot hurt us

If we simply just install


The saints within our consciousness,

The saints within our hearts.

Our finances were low,

But we got to know

That the saints would do their part.




*To see photos and read about the saints mentioned in this poem (as well as others), go to




With love and respect,


Harry and Helen



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