Was Deviyani khobragade's Maid, SANGEETA RICHARD , A CIA mole in Indian Embassy?

rajee kushwaha
rajee kushwaha / 9 months ago /

WAS SANGEETA RICHARD, HOUSE MAID OF DEVIYANI RICHARD, INDIAN DIPLOMAT TO USA, A CIA MOLE PLANTED IN THE INDIAN EMBASSY? Just another thought comes to my mind: Was the maid Sangeeta Richard a CIA plant on Dr Deviyani Khobragade and Indian Embassy in USA? Or was her husband , Philip Richard, working for CIA? The interest shown by US foreign ministry and the clandestine manner in which Sangeeta's family has been smuggled out of India, despite court orders------ there is a doubt over this murky affair. How many Indians are underpaid by their Indian employer in USA but there is no action by USA. The involvement of US Embassy in New Delhi in smuggling out Philip Richard and other family members can not be ruled out. This was done two days before arresting Deviyani. There are many such Indians, why doesn't US show similar interest in them? It is certain that such an act could not have taken place without the knowledge of Foreign department of USA. Then, what is John Kerry , now apologizing for? There is something amiss. Could it be possible that Sangeeta Richard stood exposed and she escaped to her benefactors -----Deviyani was arrested to to give a twist to this sordid affair------ this is a very serious thought which comes to my mind. Due to diplomatic reasons, truth might not come out for some times------

rajee kushwaha / / 9 months ago
rajee kushwaha

Dear Sulekhites,
Please read this in conjunction with what NONSENSE has been posted by Suresh Rao, a NRI from USA ----- he has been deliberately misleading Sulekhites on various Indian issues. To me , he is a COPY/ PASTE expert who keeps posting adverse news against India and Indian happenings. Here is what is now emerging on the Deviyani case. Note the big lie on the allegation that Deviyani had falsified document by saying that contracted salary of Sangeeta Richard was $ 4500/ month, where as it was shown as the salary of Deviyani in the visa document. The contracted salary of Sangeeta was only $ 1560 / month as has emerged from the immigration form DS- 160. Read this and must go to the link also :---
" -----From June to September 2013, the matter just simmered beneath a diplomatic lid, as is normally the practice in espionage cases. No diplomatic mission publically admits of being victims of espionage. In September 2013, the Indian Embassy wrote to the State Department that Sangeeta, who was an absconder, should be arrested and restored to the Indian Embassy as she had violated both the Indian and the American laws, and had stolen cash, cell-phone and ‘documents’. The documents that Sangeeta stole are believed to be very vital to India’s national interest. Also, it needs to be highlighted that the entire Indian officialdom based in New York, including country’s representative at the UN are housed in the same building. For Sangeeta, the building was a mine of information.--------"

Read further : "----Now it appears that the entire case was fabricated by Bharara. Devyani’s lawyer Daniel Arshack said that it was the US authorities, who could not read the Visa Form (DS-160) in respect of Sangeeta Richard correctly. They deliberately or inadvertently read $4500 a month salary on the form as Sangeeta’s expected salary, when ‘in fact it was reporting the base salary of the diplomat’ as required. The ‘employment contract’ submitted along with the Form DS-160 clearly mentions that $1560 would be paid to Sangeeta. The figure is based as per the wage laws of New York, i.e. $9.75 an hour, 40 hour a week. One can otherwise forgive the Americans for this oversight as substantial numbers of them are uneducated, but this is a deliberate fraud committed for criminal reasons.--------"

Here is the link to this article :http://www.canarytrap.in/2013/12/25/devyani-case-unequal-strategic-partnership-with-the-us/


rajee kushwaha / / 9 months ago
rajee kushwaha

Dear Ron ,
Thanks for giving a different perspective. You see this could be a trick of Sangeeta Richards, in connivance of US Lawyers to disappear settle in USA. This practice has been followed by many Indian domestic helps in the last decade . There was a report published in The Tribune of Chandigarh, India which states that MANY MAIDS HAVE FLEDBHOMES OF INDIAN DIPLOMATS IN US------ here is the link:-


Note this observation:-"-----And she is not the only Indian maid - officially called "India-Based Domestic Assistant" - to have fled from the homes of senior Indian diplomats in the past few years.

Sources familiar with such incidents told the PTI, strictly on condition of anonymity, that the number of such maids or India-Based Domestic Assistants (IBDAs) from the Indian Embassy in Washington - one of the largest Indian diplomatic missions - could be at least a dozen in the past decade.

Not only maids, but security guards brought from India too are believed to have fled, mostly towards the end of their tenure.

The Indian Embassy did not respond to the PTI's questions on the number of IBDAs currently with staff at its diplomatic posts in the US, including the embassy in Washington and consulates in New York, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta and Chicago.--------"

I won't be surprised if some Indian born US lawyers are involved in this racket. I wonder if Preet Bharara -------?


ron humphreys / / 9 months ago
ron humphreys

I thought the absurdity of this arrest could be referenced by this statement made and statistic observed, from a conference on the issue in the Americas, reported in Human resources magazine….

"Moderating the discussion was Esta R. Bigler, an attorney and director of labor and employment law programs at Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations, which helped develop and produce the program with Cornell's School of Hotel Administration and LRP Conferences, a sister company of Human Resource Executive® magazine.

About 550 registrants and about 70 exhibitors attended the inaugural conference, which began Monday and ends today.

"Everybody in this country," said Bigler, "agrees that the immigration system is broken but there is no agreement on how to fix it. The issues here are complicated and they are filled with emotion."

She noted that the hospitality industry is especially affected. There are an estimated 7.2 million illegal-immigrant workers in the United States, of which one in 16, or 17 percent, work in the hospitality industry. Ten percent of hotel workers and 12 percent of food-service workers are estimated to be illegal aliens, she said.

"Because these workers are in the shadows of this country, the numbers, indeed, could be much higher," Bigler said."

…..To conclude the idea that the India woman was treated fairly in this issue to my opinion is completely absurd. The hiring of peoples who are not only paid less as they are of illegal status but also not by law enabled to work at all, as it is illegal, is so large and prevalent this qualifies this arrest as harassment or worse.

To the initial point this adds to the conclusion that some other thing is at play here. Money for information or other compensation, or a actual protection of a agent being a likely cause.


rajee kushwaha / / 9 months ago
rajee kushwaha

Dear Balachandran,
Thanks alot. Defonitely, there is something fishy in the manner US administration is behaving --' Some NRI are showing concern for Sangeeta, overlooking the fact tjat smuggling out of Sangeeya's husbanf was unlawful by Infian laws. Should not US ambassador be arrested ?

Balachandran / / 9 months ago

There is more than what meets the eye in this case. sangeetha is a keralite and married to Phillip for over two decades. His parents have been working as domestic helps with a senior level functionary in the US Embassy in India. That explains how the husband and children managed to migrate to the US within weeks of the case against Devyani coming up, without an Indian Passport and despite there being a court case against them in Delhi. It is reported that the arrest of Devyani took place within two days of Phillip landing in the US. The role of Preet Barara is also very suspicious.

rajee kushwaha / / 9 months ago
rajee kushwaha

Dear Ron,
I do go along with you. I raise another question. Do ponder about it. WHEN WOULD USA STOP ACTING AS A MORAL POLICEMAN OF THE WORLD ? You might say what makes me say so?
I say forget Deviyani and her arrest---- though very painful issue. I raise eyebrows because USA has smuggled out an under trial from India on the nonsensical plea that Richards were being maltreated and troubled----- so they were taken out. It is a direct comment on Indian judicial and justice system----- its implications that Indian judiciary is not fair and they wrong.y punish people------ this sort of an argument is ridiculous because Indians think our legal system was very weak----- even a confirmed terrorist, Ajmal Kasab was treated and kept alive for Five years------ so where is the question of maltreatment of Philip Richard?
I say, even if he was being harassed and framed in legal cases, what rights has USA to intervene and interfere in other country's affairs? Who has given them this right to be the moral policeman of the world.
As a fall out of this, what if the Indian Courts order arrest of the US Ambassador for abetment of the crime in making the UNDER TRIAL escape----- India can also give him/ her same treatment and then ring up USA and say sorry------ you might like to convey these sentiments to your Senator or representative in the congress. Though I do not expect the weak Indian Government of MANMOHAN singh to do so----- suppose, there was a strong PM, like Narender Modi---- it was a possibility for such a retaliatory action----- Does USA dare do such a thing in China----- why don't they smuggle out the Tienman square accusers out of China?
I say this is the reason, USA administration and American officialdom are hated all over the world. We can now understand why does USA oppose Narender Modi? We know why AAP and Arvind Kejriwal are being propped up? Gujarat Riots is just an excuse----- it is scared of tough leaders like what they have in China----- I say this act of USA is going to cost them very dearly.

rajee kushwaha / / 9 months ago
rajee kushwaha

Dear VSG Sir,
I see a lot of people commenting on the family of Deviyani and her father---- to me this is rubbish and absurd----- I say, Forget what Deviyani and her family is----- more serious is the possibility that USA might be covering their nefarious activities in India through this arrest as a diversionary tactics----- in this din and noise of her arrest and counter allegation, one has not paid attention to the possibility that RICHARDS, husband and wife, could be working for US intelligence agencies------ Philip Richard was with US embassy in India, much before his wife Sangeeta went with Deviyani as a maid in Nov 2012. Could she be planted in INDIAN EMBASSY? Was she under the scanner of Indian intelligence agencies? The haste with which USA has smuggled out the whole family, do raise this question------ this, too, when there was a court case against Philip----- Does USA has the right to intervene in other country's judicial Legal system? What, If Indian courts, arrest US Ambassador for abetting an offence of making an Indian trial escape? It is possible and it can be done, if only as a tit for tat.


ron humphreys / / 9 months ago
ron humphreys


To clarify; what US law enforcement did in this matter was totally absurd and illegal. They should pay the diplomatic price which India is leveling. I am glad to see India take steps in this regard. If they were not so easy in other issues perhaps the US would not run roughshod over them in this one, is my opinion. India was one of the major targets for NSA eavesdropping, for instance, and hardly a word of offense has been mumbled. Germany Brazil and others have been quite vociferous in their condemnation.

The maid may have been a operative or may not have been, we will never know. She may just as well, have stumbled upon a issue which was of diplomatic importance to the US government, told them about it and received reward. The form and type of this reward we may never know as well, perhaps relocation of family members to the US. But in this hypothesis she was not a agent. Her employer in this case, would have been arrested to threaten her and the Indian government not to take actions against the maid for disclosing of security information to the US. The charges will not survive legal challenge, but the message is sent. The message being be wary of us, this is one of many things we can do.

It is all just guessing at this point and will likely remain.

The arrest itself again is totally wrong and illegal and is likely related to the maid herself, and not just her pay status, that we can assuredly conclude.
I can not speak for India of course but if I was a citizen I would wonder why they may be treated in such a manner. It seems they should not. What makes America think they may get away with such things done to India?
WE can not blame the victim of course, but in this situation are they perhaps a bit too passive in things and then invite bad treatment?
Their response to the NSA scandal pushes me to think this may be the situation. I can again not speak for India and am speaking as a outsider. So I may be corrected.

V-S-Gopal / / 9 months ago

Dear Rajeeji,
Surely there is something extremely fishy about the flying of Sangeetha's family to the USA two days before Devyani's arrest.

One is glad to note that for once MEA is not taking things lying down!
Cheers and regards!

rajee kushwaha / / 9 months ago
rajee kushwaha

Dear Mambalamoskito,
I agree with you----- the way the family of Sangeeta has been whisked away, rise of such a doubt is natural. Read this by an ex RAW OFFICER:--



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