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29 Aug 2013


Lots of political and non-political tamashas in India have been engaging our attention and wasting our time in recent times. The nation is going down the drain in many ways. Hopefully some good will come out of the present seeming samudra-mantan and the "halaahala" poison which is generally identified with the present sorry form of the Congress will get eliminated.

The latest pan-Indian tamasha in which the Media are conducting a Media-trial 24 hours a day concerns Asaram Bapu. I am not a fan of Gurus and Bapus. They are a part of society and most of them are doing rightful duties while blacksheep are always there to be counted in.

Lots of falsities are perhaps being mouthed by the Media. The complaint to Police by the girl is apparently that Asaram tried to grope the girl and it was not a complaint of rape. Yet, TV Media is calling him a rapist. The report of India Today seems to be  more truthful here. And it appears that the girl's parents who are Asaram devotees took her to Asaram to treat her as she had an abnormal behaviour pattern. This perhaps lends credence to the claim of Bapu's son that the girl is perhaps of unsound mind.

As per India Today Report, It seems that the parents were made to wait and Asaram took the girl into a room- to cure her problem- in which none else was present. This was surely a stupid move by Asaram. These days, you dangle money before anyone and false accusation or evidence will quickly come forth. Did Asaram go into a trap? But the question is that in the absence of witness how can any of the two concerned (girl and Asaram) be believed??

Any number of lady devotees will gladly go to sleep with Asaram if he wanted it. Why should he do the foolish act of groping a girl? He seems to have no history even in terms of rumours of sexual misbehaviour or having been a womaniser. Some gurus like Nityanand and Jaggi Vasudev are object of such rumours whatever the truth. I am surprised to know that Asaram has a son called Narayan Sai who is also a religious leader. Media is totally lacking in investigative journalism. When did Asaram marry? Where is his wife? Where are his children? What are they doing? So sad the Media is doing a trial without going deep enough.

I find that Asaram is 72 years old and was born in Karachi area. He is perhaps a Sindhi as per his given name.His mother gave him spiritual teachings when he was very young. He showed highly spiritual and religious tendencies as a youngster. He went to Vrindavan and adopted a guru. He learnt the Hindu scriptures. I went to the Youtube and heard some of Asaram's talks. I find that he is a very fine and forceful speaker and comes out with extensive quotations and fine religious and moral teachings. No wonder he has lakhs and lakhs of followers. Naturally the little I have gathered about him is from the Net.

I do find that Asaram is rough and rude in behaviour. He is the exact opposite of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in this respect. I suppose his devotees don't mind that! I have seen him on TV assaulting or hitting some persons. That is an aberration of a behaviour trait. I just don't see why Arnab Goswami calls him "self-styled Godman". That perhaps only shows his Convent-educated anti-Hindu prejudice! It is the devotees who call him Godman. In fact they call him only Sant. He is known as Sant Asaram Bapu. He is not like someone who became "Bhagwan" as in the case of Osho. The Media is constantly ridiculing this religious leader.

There are cases of land-grabbing against the Asaram Ashram. Often the lieutenants of the Chief do resort to such mischiefs and illegalities. The Government concerned should act fast and show no leniency, and get the encroachment removed. Absence of such action should not be taken as a permanent black mark on Asaram the Chief. From the Net I find that two youngsters from the Ashram disappeared a few years ago and were found dead. Asaram was booked for murder. Later, interceptions of phone conversations perhaps showed that some conspirators were at work in falsely implicating Asaram. So those cases were perhaps closed.

It is sad that we are keen to condemn Asaram before the case goes to the Court at which stage the full statements of all parties and the nature of charge-sheet will be known. There is a strong anti-Hindu wave in India despite the fact that this is the land of Hindus. Politics of vote banks has led to strong polarisation in our society.

It will be interesting to follow the route that the Asaram case will take.



It is nearly 9 hours since I posted the blog. From curiosity, I wanted to know more about Asaram and his activities, that is to say, read more stuff about him on the Net.The two delightful websites given below tell us, the readers, what a devil he seems to be!




 The articles have great details and are not superficial. Names are mentioned. Facts are verifiable. And if you read them, Asaram comes out as a human devil. He and his son have been accused of womanising. Asaram's daughter Bharti has allegedly egged women devotees to surrender their body to him. Devotees have been allegedly brainwashed and terrorised. Even the employees have been allegedly terrorised and victimised. Murders and murder attempts have been mentioned. These things have not happened with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Ashram or Ramdev's Ashram. It looks like Asaram and his son are practising tantrism. The dead Vaghela boys seem to be victims of the tantric act. Properties and moneys of devotees seem to have been appropriated by the ashram by brainwashing or goondaism. Asaram himself comes out as a saint-cum-goonda.

It looks like the alleged sordid acts of Asaram have been known to the Gujarat Government. This is serious. Narendra Modi himself comes into question as to why he was a passive spectator. In the name of Hinduism, no Guru, however good he is in delivering lectures, could have been allowed to carry out alleged atrocious crimes that are referred to in the above two web-sites.

This is the right time for the Media to take up all these alleged evil doings of the Ashram and go deep into them so that the Ashram is properly exposed to the public. It could be assumed that a bulk of the devotees would not know anything about the alleged sordid activities of Asaram. From some passages within the articles, it appears that good Gurus like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Baba Ramdev were in the know of Asaram's horrible activities. Why were they keeping quiet? That silence was not good. This is no way to placate evil men who preach Hindu religious and moral tenets.

Asaram comes out not just as a preacher which is an admirable function. He comes out as someone who can do magic to individuals, in strict privacy, to drive evil spirits! This is utter nonsense. And now I tend to believe in the girl's accusation of sexual misconduct by Asaram although the question of rape is still not clear.

Obviously Asaram has hundreds of Ashram centres in India and abroad and is floating on tons of money. It seems that it is time he is properly booked not only in this girl's case but in all the older cases after fast-tracked proper investigations. The Ashram properties could pehaps be converted into hospitals and dispenseries.

It is necessary for the Media to bring out the Godman's alleged entire past filth after objective investigations lest Hindus should misconstrue the present case as an assault on Hinduism.


Kalpesh Vyas / / 12 months ago
Kalpesh Vyas

Krishna's behaviour was an exact opposite of Raam however Devotees still love both. It is matter of their belief. One can not judge with one another.

Vineet / / 12 months ago

To speak without any allegations being proved is like bashing in the air

swarajya / / 1 year ago

V S Gopal,
With an advocate like Ram Jethmalani he is sure to come out unscathed.
Ordinary fellows will get punishment but the moneyed will twist the law in their favour.
The rape victim will be coerced to either withdraw the case or give a favourable statement for the criminal to escape.
The society is going to fall at his feet even after knowing his credentials.

VK / / 1 year ago

Watch this video to know other sides of BABA's

John F Williams / / 1 year ago
John F Williams

Thanks VSG- JFW

John F Williams / / 1 year ago
John F Williams

Dear Mr Go[pal
I always admire your views though I am no more writing due to my bad Eye sight but love to read yours.
With best wishes-JFW

V-S-Gopal / / 1 year ago

Dear Mr.John Williams,
Thanks for your revisit.
I am glad to note that my blogs interest you.
I am sorry about your eyesight. Hope it gets better with rest and care.

Raghava Reddy / / 1 year ago
Raghava Reddy

Dear V S Gopalji
The political, social, economic scenario of our country is causing anxiety day by day.
Perhaps things will get settled in course of time with greater involvement of well meaning people raising their voice unconnected with murky politics.
I agree with your objective observation.

V-S-Gopal / / 1 year ago

Dear Raghavagaru,
I agree with you that things in India could improve when the uncertainties go.
Cheers and regards!
vs gopal

N K Ravi / / 1 year ago
N K Ravi

VSG, I endorse your reply to my comment. True observation.Cheers. NKR

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