Whats is wrong with the Malayalee english?

madhuvanthi / 8 yrs ago /

'Coming From Kerala,
Travelling for 4 days,
No food or water '
My son sang this with a very heavy Malayalam accent. He is explaining to us how  a friend sang this to him and her father commented 'Isn't that how you Malayalees speak?'. I am irritated.
He gets the point and makes up a song...
'Coming From XXX, no food or water, has a peanut sized brain..'
Shhh..! Don't make fun of others, I scold him..
What is wrong with the Malayalee English accent? It is jest (read just) an accent!
Most Malayalees educated in Kerala can't help it. It takes them a while to kick the accent even when they move outside of Kerala.Till then what is 'vat' ,did is 'diduh',olympics is 'olimbics' etc..So what, it is not like English is our mother tongue.
And every Indian has an accent, not just Malayalees, zeroes become 'jeroes', racket is 'rocket', lorry is 'larry', school is 'ih school' and daughter becomes 'datter'! I think it is okay to keep the accent, that is our identity.
But what should I tell to an adult who talks sarcastically to a child about an accent that he is not even aware of?
Peanut brain..?

Tata / / 1 year ago

Still more English words wrongly pronounced by Malayalees:

pizza (pronounced as "pisa" instead of "pitza")

our (pronounced as "avar" instead of "aue")

flour (pronounced as "flower" instead of "flaue")

alarm (pronounced as "alarum" instead of "alaam")

volume (books) (pronounced as "vaalyam' instead of "volyum")

film (pronounced as "filim" instead of 'film')

little (pronounced as "littil" instead of 'litl')

Sultan's Battery (pronounced as "Soolthan Batheri" instead of "Sultan's Batri")

Tata / / 1 year ago

English words murdered by Keralites (Malayalees) and other Indians:

kangaroo (the worst offended word Malayalees/Indians pronounce as “kanGAROO” instead of “KANgaroo”)

mixed, fixed (pronounced as 'miksed', 'fiksed' instead of 'miksd', 'fiksd')

bear, pear (pronounced as ‘biyar’, ‘piyar’ instead of ‘beye’ and ‘peye’)

beer (pronounced as "biiir" instead of "biye")

auto (pronounced as "aaato" instead of "otto")

Queen (prounounced as “kyuun” instead of “kween”)

form (pronounced as ‘farum’ instead of “fom”)

biennale (pronounced as “binale” instead of “bienale”)

place names – Ohio, Seattle, Utah (pronounced as “ohiyo, seetl, ootha” instead of “ohayo, siyatl, yuta”)

Tortoise (pronounced as ‘tortois’ instead of “totis” )

turtle (pronounced as ‘turrrtil’ instead of “tutl” )

Mascot Hotel (pronounced as “muskat HOtel” instead of “MAScot hoTEL”)

heart (pronounced as ‘hurrt’ instead of “haat”)

bass (pronounced as ‘baas’ instead of “base”)

twitter (pronounced as “tyooter” instead of “twiter”)

birthday (pronounced as “birthaday” instead of “buthdei”)

garage (pronounced as “garej” instead of “gaRAZH”)

chassis (pronounced as “chasis” instead of “shasi”)

divorce (pronounced as "daiverse" instead of "divors")

February (pronounced as “fibruari” instead of “februari”)

one (pronounced as "onn" instead of "wun")

aruncruse / / 7 yrs ago

i agree with u
i am not so god in english still ia m learning.
will u pls post some tips to better malayalee english

Muthu Sundararajan / / 7 yrs ago
Muthu Sundararajan

when in the same language itself there are varied pronounciations, not to speak of about a foreign language.......it is quite common every where..........for example have you every come across how andhra people pronounce the word ' government.........    governament......how many north indians pronunce  the word pleasure.......plejer....

atomicdesi / / 8 yrs ago

well said! down with the malayalee jokes maan!!

and the silly "santa singh" jokes while we're at it.....


plainsboro4sale / / 8 yrs ago

whatever dude! its just funny as hell.....

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