Why should we celebrate Women's day?

shripriya / 7 yrs ago /

I was going through this link www.blanknoiseactionheroes.blogspot.com shared by Supriad, and I was quite surprised to see that women though divided by religion had common problems! Any women who has faced- harassment in public transport, eveteasing, verbal abuse and sexual assault feels "why me...why did he do this to me" and sometimes she even cries for being born as a woman.

It is so unfortunate that the world could not do much as far as the protection of women is concerned.


I am not sure if I am exaggerating but women's life is full of problems. To name a few-

1. When she is born her parents think they will have to spend a lot for her marriage. Hence from day 1 they start saving and in some cases every now and then right from childhood she is reminded of the fact that she is a girl and that lot of money will have to be spent during her wedding


2. When she grows into an girl, she has a tough time facing the world. Wherever she goes she has to be accompanied by her brother or by father. And is she dares to go alone, then she is harassed and teased and abused and what not. If not everyday at least once a week.


3. When she gets into college, they need to be careful not get into the wrong relationship. They need to evaluate the proposal from the guys  before accepting it.


4. When the girl gets married, she is expected to forget her parents and adjust to the new house whether she likes or not


5. She has to satisfy her husband, just to please him; else she might have to hear to his abuses


6. She has to undergo the pain of delivery


7. She has to take the responsibility of giving the right education both academic and moral to her kids.


8. If she is working, she is expected to balance


9. At workplace too sometimes she is suppressed


There are n number of other social and physical problems which a woman has to face and which only a women can understand. A man can never empathize with them (It is beyond his capacity!)


Coming to the point, I feel Women's day provides all the women a reason to come together, express their views and help each other. You might ask me that what inhibits them to "come together" otherwise. But friends for a fire to begin a spark is necessary and I feel that Women's day is one such spark that comes every year and lights the heart of the thousands of women and gives them the necessary confidence.
For men the Women's day has much more significance. In fact I am sure some of the men would be even scared to switch on the television sets on the 8th of March! For the media would showcase the most successful women and what they did to reach where they are!
Women's day brings women closer, and tells them that they have to go a long way to achieve an equal status with men. 
On women's day every women should pledge that she should raise her voice against any wrong/ any torture done to her or to her self respect. If every women implements this pledge, I am sure the crime rates will definitely go down. Every man will think twice befor defaming the self respect of a woman.
And this message shall be passed from one generation to the other and finally we will have a world where-
No woman will be raped
No woman will be abused/ harassed
No dowry deaths
No eve teasing
No suicides
No tortures
The list is endless. But I sincerely pray that the day comes soon. Atleast the next generation girls/ women should be able to lead a fearless life.
Let this Woman's day awaken the souls of both men and women and make this world a better place for women.
By the way, I am not sure how many have realised "woman" contains "man", "lady" contains "lad" contained, "she" contains "he" . 
The weaker sex is often the weakness of the stronger sex!

sunitaX / / 7 yrs ago

good one priya

iblogger / / 7 yrs ago

nice article... especially the last line about the "weaker sex...." and "lady has lad in it etc.." :)
actually, a lot of women i knew didnot even know march was  women's month!!...
anyways, i think your tone of the article brought up issues and probs women
face in the india's society, currently. hope things improve... good article!..

svignesh / / 7 yrs ago

"the weaker sex is often the weakness of the stronger sex!"
i feel this attitude should be changed, a woman mentioning themselves as weaker. wherever i see writings from a woman about woman, it always ends up like this.

Indu3 / / 7 yrs ago

i was watching ztv news where the reporter was reporting about the rapes being commited in taxies by taxi wala's.
i really feel that it is impossible for india to see the day when a girl can move without fear in the midnight as gandhiji said on that day india is a free country in real sense.

dinesh gupta / / 7 yrs ago
dinesh gupta

i think all of us should celebrate women's day. thanks

sujim / / 7 yrs ago

respected ma'am
very good thoughts delivered wisely.
may god bless us with good times where women can sprint with men.
as nanaka said,"jo ko mnada aakhiye jit jamayia rajaa."
kind regards

Julia Dutta / / 7 yrs ago
Julia Dutta

for a strong post the last was least wanted. we are not the weaker race. we are the stronger one, without us there would be no men in women and no lad in ladies. think big!

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